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Latest Habbo Retro Nitro HTML5 Setup Updated

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If we don't set it up within 48 hours you'll be fully refunded.

Get your Habbo Retro setup with HTML5 Nitro & Morningstar Arcturus and with a clean custom Cosmic or Atom CMS theme that will stand out from everyone! We'll do all the hard work of configuring your Habbo Retro. It takes 48 hours for us to set up your Habbo Retro. If you don't have a VPS you could buy our Windows VPS-1 Plan. It will cost you £8.99 a month to keep your Habbo Retro online and hosted with us. This is a fantastic package, you'll be able to manage your own Habbo Retro with absolute full control. If you already have a server just make sure to provide us with the details.