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Powerful, Cloud & Linux powered web hosting providing a reliable, failsafe backed solution guaranteed to remain fast, stable and trustworthy.

Web Hosting

Powerful, feature packed shared web hosting based on trusted, tried and proven software and hardware. Never oversold, never overcrowded. Read More

VPS Servers

Our VPS Servers are available in many Linux flavours, as well as Windows Server. All servers are DDoS protected at the network level. Read More


Our proxies are DDoS protected at the network level in our data centre, and allow you to protect applications from malicious actors. Read More

Why go for YouHosting?

FREE SSL Certificates

We provide and automatically provision free SSL Certificates such as Lets Encrypt, to all our customers, meaning you wont have to go through a complicated setup or pay for an external providers certificate. Google also ranks pages with SSL higher than ‘unsecure’ websites.

Powerful Intel Processors & Plenty RAM

All our servers are powered by powerful Intel Xeon/i7 Processors, equipped with rapid ECC server RAM. Servers are never oversold, giving your sites plenty of breathing room. Because, after all, you host us.

DDoS Protected

Unlike most hosting providers, all our servers are DDoS protected ensuring malicious actors cannot down your site and slow you down. Enterprise level CISCO switches and firewalls keep your site safe and sound from the bad guys.

We believe in
we are indebted to
the customers that fund our business.

About Us

YouHosting was created by a group of technicians who were tired of brand name hosting companies selling subpar services.
We are based in London, United Kingdom, and our servers are located in Germany, for perfect load times across Europe.
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